MEFA is a part of the Sheikh Zayed Falconry Library, a global home for the heritage and future of falconry.

The Sheikh Zayed Falconry Library seeks to preserve historical falconry treasures and safeguard the tradition for generations to come.

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MEFA’s Vision of a Comprehensive Digital Archive.

At the heart of the mission of the MEFA is the identification, digitisation and exploration of historical Arabic falconry literature to safeguard and share the cultural heritage of Arab falconry. By assembling digital records of historical manuscripts related to Arab falconry, MEFA seeks to create a vital repository of falconry heritage.

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Preservation of literature. Safeguarding of traditions.

MEFA is a project in which the preservation and documentation of tangible heritage, the manuscripts, are inextricably linked to the safeguarding of intangible heritage, the stories they tell. By identifying and exploring the manuscripts, the project connects past history to present falconry practices for the benefit of future generations.

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MEFA is an initiative of the Mohamed bin Zayed Raptor Conservation Fund.

To ensure that researchers, academics, falconers, and future generations embrace and perpetuate falconry practices, the Fund is committed to falconry preservation and the continuation of traditions through initiatives such as MEFA.

Mohamed Bin Zayed Raptor conservation fund